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Success Weight loss Systems is all about results! We want you to experience rapid weight loss, significant reductions in fat, and dramatic improvements in your overall health. In general, a tremendous amount of our clientele reduced or eliminated numerous health challenges, and in most cases, they have the lab results to prove it. As a result, they were able to work with their Healthcare provider and minimize their dependence on costly pharmaceutical drugs designed to help them live with the devastating effects of diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

It’s ironic, millions of people learn to live with these terrible conditions, as a result they spend billions of dollars on drugs to help them do it. We say, why would anyone want to live with these conditions, you and your body deserve more? You can learn to eat right, you can lose the excess weight, and you can put your body on the road to recovery!

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Non-Surgical Body Slimming Technology

  • I have been on numerous weight loss missions, but I could never get past the 220 mark; until I tried Success Weightloss Systems. They helped me get all the way down to 165 and they did it inside of two programs. I had a goal, at my 50th Birthday party I wanted to hear one thing; “your Fifty, you look fabulous”. Well, I heard that all night long! Thanks Success Weight loss Systems, your services, support, and program made all the difference. If you want to lose weight, modify your eating habits, and have a wonderful experience; call them!

  • I lost 29 lbs and 29.5 inches!!! I feel great! I cannot say enough about the support I received from the great folks at Success Weightloss Systems. I felt like I was very important! I miss them, my coach Irish even cried when I hit my goal, I think she was happier than I was. So far, I have kept the weight off with their free post diet program. I have already recommended Success Weightloss Systems to my friends and family.

  • SWS was the “jump-start” I needed to get motivated and reach my weight goal. I lost 12 pounds and 14 inches on the short program, while reaching my goal of 20 pounds lost in ten short weeks. The rapid results obtained from the HCG combined with the nutritional coaching are unparalleled in weight loss strategies. I recommend you investigate this personalized program and get a weight loss “jump-start” too!

HCG Diet

HCG Diet

Supporting you while on your journey towards a better you is our priority! Here at Success Weightloss in Albuquerque we establish trust and confidence by being there every step of the way!

HCG Resources

HCG Resources

We are here for you!!! Here at Success Weight loss Systems we want you to know that you are not alone! Your HCG diet journey is important to us and there are many resources that you can use to help you along your path to a better, fitter you using HCG!

HCG Success Stories

HCG Success Stories

If you are ready for success, we are ready to help you achieve it. As such, we continually upgrade our service offerings and processes to ensure that you will always receive the best! We have helped thousands of people throughout New Mexico and around the world,the odds are pretty good that we can help you as well!

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  • 1 day ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    Food allergy vs intolerance
    A true food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects numerous organs in the body. It can cause a range of symptoms. In some cases, an allergic food reaction can be severe or life-threatening. In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and often limited to digestive problems. How ever on that note they both can have an effect on weight loss and abdominal bloating.
    Food allergy vs intoleranceA true food allergy causes an immune syste
  • 2 days ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    Here are eight of the less common food allergies.
    Red meat. Being allergic to meats like beef, pork, and lamb is rare and can be difficult to identify. ...
    Sesame seeds. Like allergies to nuts, people who are allergic to sesame seeds can experience severe reactions. ...
    Avocados. ...
    Marshmallows. ...
    Corn. ...
    Mango. ...
    Dried fruit. ... and...
    Hot dogs.
    What are you allergic to?
    Here are eight of the less common food allergies.Red meat. Being alle
  • 3 days ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    Nopales are a spectacularly healthy type of cacti with a wide range of health benefits. These include their ability to aid in weight loss, prevent cancer, improve skin health, protect heart health, regulate and improve digestion, boost the immune system, optimize metabolic activity, build strong bones, cure insomnia, and reduce inflammation throughout the body. I would buy them ready to cook, they are available at most grocery stores in Albuquerque.
    #nopales #healthyplants
    Nopales are a spectacularly healthy type of cacti with a wide range of
    1 day ago
    What do you make with them? How do you cook it?
    1 day ago 1
    on the grill with garlic and lemon...or chopped up with tomatoes, onions, pineapple and mango with a dash of cilantro
    1 day ago
    Chopped up I assume eating it raw is ok?
    2 days ago
    Tastes good too!
  • 4 days ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    Remember that fat loss is not all about the number on the scale, inches tell a whole different story and are what changes the way our clothes fit and our body shape!
    Photos from Success Weightloss Systems Inc.'s post
  • 4 days ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    This brings new meaning to "Magically Delicious"
    Magic Mushrooms Are Legal in New Mexico: How 'Bout That? The fervent popularity of Breaking Bad has associated New Mexico with a very specific drug. But despite now ubiquitous blue “meth” candy, the Land of Enchantment has another provocative substance relationship. See, in 2005, the New Mexico Court of Appeals decided that growing hallucinogenic mushrooms wasn’t illegal. To put it another way: You can totally grow boomers in Albuquerque, brah, But not pot. Just because you can..does not mean you should.
    This brings new meaning to "Magically Delicious" Magic Mushrooms Are
  • 3 weeks ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    (CNN)Could the no-calorie sweetener you rely on to replace sugar in your diet actually cause weight gain instead of the weight loss you were expecting?  The answer may be yes, according to a new study.
    "Artificial sweeteners are not risk-free," said Brian Hoffmann, assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University, and a lead author of the study. "They are a very controversial topic when it comes to health and nutrition ... but they're so prevalent in society that I think we owe it to ourselves to try and figure out what's actually going on."
    Hoffmann presented his new research Sunday at the annual Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego. Relying on rats and human cell cultures, his team identified a number of pathways linking artificial sweeteners with metabolic changes at the genetic level that could lead to diabetes and obesity. Specifically, the researchers found that three weeks of exposure to aspartame and acesulfame potassium -- two artificial sweeteners frequently combined in products such as Equal -- altered the expression of certain genes responsible for lipid metabolism in the cells of both rats and humans.
    "Aspartame had some significant changes, and one of those was an increase in lipids in the bloodstream and a decrease in a biomolecule that is involved in clearing (lipids) from the bloodstream. And we saw the exact same thing with the acesulfame potassium," Hoffmann said.
    "We then took those particular sweeteners and put them on endothelial cells -- the cells that line the blood vessels and would be exposed to them in the body -- and we detected a marked dysfunction, suggesting why sweeteners and diet soda have been linked to potential cardiovascular problems," he added.
    What was perhaps most surprising, according to Hoffmann, was that these metabolic changes did not occur in the presence of natural sugars such as glucose and fructose. This suggests that artificial sweeteners could contribute to metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity by an entirely different mechanism than natural sugars, he said.
    Artificial sweeteners appear to contribute to metabolic disorders by altering the activity of certain genes responsible for the breakdown of macromolecules such as fats and proteins, Hoffmann said. This is different from normal sugars, which contribute to cardiovascular disease through insulin resistance and by damaging the cells lining the body's blood vessels.
    "People are generally consuming non-nutritive sweeteners believing they are a 'healthy choice,' but this may not be true," said research scientist Meghan Azad of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, who was not involved in the new study.
    "This is especially important given the widespread and increasing consumption of artificial sweeteners in the general population and the increasing use of artificial sweeteners in our food supply," said Azad, who has authored a paper that reviewed a number of studies on the potential downside of artificial sweeteners on weight and health.
    According to Azad, over 40% of adult Americans consume no-cal sweeteners on a daily basis, and studies that measure the sweeteners in blood and urine show that many people who report not using artificial sweeteners are unknowingly consuming them.
    It's the latest assault in the ongoing debate over artificial sweeteners and their impact on health -- a debate that began when one of our most popular foods, sugar, turned sour in terms of health.
    Photos from Success Weightloss Systems Inc.'s post
    3 weeks ago
    Just another example of how corporate america could care less about health and the bottom dollar is all that matter's
  • 3 weeks ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    Sea Buckthorn Natural Supplement For Hair Loss, menopause, weight loss and more! I take this omega 7 supplement daily!
    We have Sibu Sea Buckthorne it in stock!
    The oils and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids contained in Sea Buckthorn are reported to improve overall hair health and lend itself to a healthy and natural-looking shine. ... Current reports on Sea Buckthorn benefits on the scalp and hair have noted its success in: Building good cells on your scalp.
    Supports Healthy Hormones
    The human body needs specific combinations of fatty acids in order to properly synthesize hormones. Specifically, the omega-7 essential fatty acids in Sea Buckthorn Berry oil have been shown to affect hormones which control fat storage. If you’ve been struggling with your weight, unable to shed that extra bulk around your thighs, butt or waist, Sea Buckthorn Berry oil can lend a helping hand by inhibiting hormonal activities which signal the body to store excess glucose as fat.
    Reduces Symptoms of Menopause
    Also due to its high concentration of omega-7 palmitoleic acid, Sea Buckthorn Berry oil helps to ease symptoms commonly experienced by menopausal women. Sea Buckthorn Berry oil strengthens the cellular structure of skin cells, reduces dryness and helps to preserve skin’s smooth texture. Sea Buckthorn Berry oil also helps mucous membranes in the eyes, mouth and vagina to retain moisture, preventing the signature dryness and itching which are some of the biggest discomforts associated with menopause.
  • 3 weeks ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    We choose the gentlest body washes, soaps, and lotions to care for our psoriatic skin. But are bath linens undoing our hard work? Here are 10 ways to guarantee your towels are psoriasis-safe.  100 percent cotton should be the go-to face and body towel for people with psoriasis. Pure cotton towels — whether they’re Egyptian, Turkish, Pima, or certified organic — are less likely to irritate the skin.
    Steer clear of cotton blends
    Before you buy, check the tag. Some inexpensive towel brands blend cotton with polyester. People with psoriasis should avoid synthetic materials altogether; they stick to the skin more than natural fibers.
    Try linen
    Linen, a natural plant fiber made from flax, is naturally antimicrobial and light, which is great for patting the skin dry. This fabric can be scratchy at first, but softens with each wash, so wash them often; 100 percent linen takes longer to dry than pure cotton or a linen-cotton blend.
    Be wary of bamboo
    Bath linens marketed as bamboo — which is a grass, not a wood — often contain a blend of other wood fibers that can be scratchy and irritate psoriatic skin.
    Ditch the dye
    Dyes in towels and clothing can cause skin irritation in people with dye allergies or sensitivities. Talk to your doctor if you think you’re allergic to synthetic textile dye — or err on the safe side and use white towels.
    Wash before you use
    Many towels are coated with fabric softener, which gives even the roughest textiles a soft sheen in the store. Wash them in hot water to remove all fabric softener, which can irritate the skin.
    Keep it pure when it comes to detergent
    Dermatologists recommend fragrance-free, dye-free detergents for people with psoriasis. Wash in hot water and skip the fabric softener; 100 percent cotton towels won’t need it to stay fluffy and soft.
    Wash your towels — a lot
    Towels should be washed every three days — or, according to one dermatologist we polled, more often if you have psoriasis. Damp towels are hotbeds for germ activity and they pose an infection risk. If your towels smell musty, you’ve gone too long between washes.
    BYO gym towels
    Gym towels tend to be the scratchy, poly-blend breed — and you can bet they’re not washed in fragrance-free, dye-free detergent. Bring your own towel to the gym or hotel.
    When in doubt, keep it simple
    White, 100 percent cotton towels are the best option for people with psoriasis. And treat yourself! The bigger, softer, and fluffier, the better. Always pat your skin dry (don’t rub) and wash your towels regularly in skin-friendly detergents. #skinfriendly #psoriasis
    We choose the gentlest body washes, soaps, and lotions to care for our
  • 3 weeks ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    Did You Know.................
    New Mexico has more PhDs per capita than any other state.
    We’re a smart bunch here in the Land of Enchantment. The state is home to more PhD holders per capita than any other state in the country. Why? The government. Albuquerque hosts Sandia National Laboratories and a number of other research facilities. Then there’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, Intel, and several land management agencies including the Forest Service and National Park Service. And don’t forget that Microsoft was famously established in an Albuquerque garage.
    Did You Know.................New Mexico has more PhDs per capita than
    3 weeks ago
    I did not know this!
  • 3 weeks ago by Success Weightloss Systems Inc.

    Success Weightloss Systems Inc.
    We are so proud to share this with everyone, our objective is to educate, support, and empower you to reach your goals!
    We are so proud to share this with everyone, our objective is to educa
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